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Padma Teacher NI Dengina Student

064-oka-teacher-kadha-01-05 - What products and companies will compete with you?

List your major competitors:

(Names and addresses)

Will they compete with you across the board, or just for certain products, certain customers, or in certain locations?

Will you have important indirect competitors? (For example, video rental stores compete with theaters, although they are different types of businesses.)

Gula Lanjala Dengulata

063-gula-01-05 -

Meena Sunil Dengudu Puranam

167-paala-pongulu - For business customers, the demographic factors might be:

* Industry (or portion of an industry)
* Location
* Size of firm
* Quality, technology, and price preferences
* Other (specific to your industry)
* Other (specific to your industry)

Final Year Lo Na Porini Dengina

099-final-year - You may have more than one customer group. Identify the most important groups. Then, for each customer group, construct what is called a demographic profile:

* Age
* Gender
* Location
* Income level
* Social class and occupation
* Education
* Other (specific to your industry)
* Other (specific to your industry)

Kuthuru Sukham Kosam Dengudu

007-kooturi-sukham-01-03 -

Identify your targeted customers, their characteristics, and their geographic locations, otherwise known as their demographics.

The description will be completely different depending on whether you plan to sell to other businesses or directly to consumers. If you sell a consumer product, but sell it through a channel of distributors, wholesalers, and retailers, you must carefully analyze both the end consumer and the middleman businesses to which you sell.

Anjali Aunty Langalo Lolli

112-langalo - What after-sale services will you give? Some examples are delivery, warranty, service contracts, support, follow-up, and refund policy.

Ma daddy nannu Dengadu

110-sweet-daddy-01 - For each product or service:

* Describe the most important features. What is special about it?
* Describe the benefits. That is, what will the product do for the customer?

Note the difference between features and benefits, and think about them. For example, a house that gives shelter and lasts a long time is made with certain materials and to a certain design; those are its features. Its benefits include pride of ownership, financial security, providing for the family, and inclusion in a neighborhood. You build features into your product so that you can sell the benefits.

Akkanu Dengina Tammudu 1

104-cellelitoa-oppandam-01-02 -
In the Products and Services section, you described your products and services as you see them. Now describe them from your customers’ point of view.

Features and Benefits

List all of your major products or services.

Akkanu Dengina Tammudu 2

105-supar-akka-02 -

# And of course, how will you overcome the barriers?
# How could the following affect your company?

* Change in technology
* Change in government regulations
* Change in the economy
* Change in your industry

Padukunna Chellelni Denganu

104-cellelitoa-oppandam-01-02 -

# Consumer acceptance and brand recognition
# Training and skills
# Unique technology and patents
# Unions
# Shipping costs
# Tariff barriers and quotas

Manjula Dengudu Anubhavam

103-anubhavam-01-06 -
# Growth potential and opportunity for a business of your size.
# What barriers to entry do you face in entering this market with your new company? Some typical barriers are:

* High capital costs
* High production costs
* High marketing costs

Na Kodukuni Denganu 1

101-renDoa-abbaayi - Facts about your industry:

* What is the total size of your market?
* What percent share of the market will you have? (This is important only if you think you will be a major factor in the market.)
* Current demand in target market.
* Trends in target market—growth trends, trends in consumer preferences, and trends in product development.

Na Kodukuni Denganu 2

101-true-story-02 - In your marketing plan, be as specific as possible; give statistics, numbers, and sources. The marketing plan will be the basis, later on, of the all-important sales projection.

rendo Abbayito Dengudu aata

101-renDoa-abbaayi -
Primary research means gathering your own data. For example, you could do your own traffic count at a proposed location, use the yellow pages to identify competitors, and do surveys or focus-group interviews to learn about consumer preferences. Professional market research can be very costly, but there are many books that show small business owners how to do effective research themselves.

Anukokunda Aa Rratri Denganu

101-anukoakunDaa-oka-raatri -
Start with your local library. Most librarians are pleased to guide you through their business data collection. You will be amazed at what is there. There are more online sources than you could possibly use. Your chamber of commerce has good information on the local area. Trade associations and trade publications often have excellent industry-specific data.

Ramu gadi Dengudu Kanthamto

025-village+rules -
There are two kinds of market research: primary and secondary.

Secondary research means using published information such as industry profiles, trade journals, newspapers, magazines, census data, and demographic profiles. This type of information is available in public libraries, industry associations, chambers of commerce, from vendors who sell to your industry, and from government agencies.

Kuthurito Dengudu Aata

025-vijaya -

No matter how good your product and your service, the venture cannot succeed without effective marketing. And this begins with careful, systematic research. It is very dangerous to assume that you already know about your intended market. You need to do market research to make sure you’re on track. Use the business planning process as your opportunity to uncover data and to question your marketing efforts. Your time will be well spent.

Roja Amma BUsiness

025-mom+Business -
Describe in depth your products or services (technical specifications, drawings, photos, sales brochures, and other bulky items belong in Appendices).

What factors will give you competitive advantages or disadvantages? Examples include level of quality or unique or proprietary features.

What are the pricing, fee, or leasing structures of your products or services?

Ammanu Rape Chesina Koduku

025-force - Describe your most important company strengths and core competencies. What factors will make the company succeed? What do you think your major competitive strengths will be? What background experience, skills, and strengths do you personally bring to this new venture?

Legal form of ownership: Sole proprietor, Partnership, Corporation, Limited liability corporation (LLC)? Why have you selected this form?

Cinema Effect to Ammanu Dengina Koduku

025-cinema+effect -
Business Philosophy: What is important to you in business?

To whom will you market your products? (State it briefly here—you will do a more thorough explanation in the Marketing Plan section).

Describe your industry. Is it a growth industry? What changes do you foresee in the industry, short term and long term? How will your company be poised to take advantage of them?

Sales Girl to Dengudu Puranam

025-bra -
What business will you be in? What will you do?

Mission Statement: Many companies have a brief mission statement, usually in 30 words or fewer, explaining their reason for being and their guiding principles. If you want to draft a mission statement, this is a good place to put it in the plan, followed by:

Company Goals and Objectives: Goals are destinations—where you want your business to be. Objectives are progress markers along the way to goal achievement. For example, a goal might be to have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service and that has a loyal customer following. Objectives might be annual sales targets and some specific measures of customer satisfaction.

Aunty Help to Ammani Dengina

025-aunty+help -
Include everything that you would cover in a five-minute interview.

Explain the fundamentals of the proposed business: What will your product be? Who will your customers be? Who are the owners? What do you think the future holds for your business and your industry?

Make it enthusiastic, professional, complete, and concise.

If applying for a loan, state clearly how much you want, precisely how you are going to use it, and how the money will make your business more profitable, thereby ensuring repayment.

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Na Porini Dengina Katha

099-final-year -

Oka Teacher Dengudu Katha

064-oka-teacher-kadha-01-05 -

Friday, March 18, 2011

Holi Rangullo Ammayilu

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Telugu Herola Chatu Matu Dengulata

060-herola-+daruvu-01-02Casting of this Mani Ratnam's multilingual movie will also have heroes like Arya and Vijay, who popular in Tamilnadu not in Andhra Pradesh. Initially Suriya and Vikram are first names attached to the project but later on Mahesh Babu is confirmed while remaining two dropped down. Even then film is naturally called as based on Tamil subject oriented and Mahesh Babu accepting offer is already called as non sense move given that Shankar might take this decision too seriously.

Revathi Ranku Puranam

RRPGiving 100% of efforts for any role has been a trademark for Gennie and the way she learnt Kerala's martial art Kalaripayattu in two months of time for a fight sequel in prestigious movie was a surprise. Genelia has not only learnt self defense techniques but mastered art to the maximum. Along with Kalari, she is also trained in horse riding and boat rowing for the sake of characterization. Perhaps not just the fight masters even directors and actors are impressed by her professional attitude.

Boothu Denguthulata


MLA Ticket Kosam Ratnamala Dengichukundi

016-ticketDespite Genelia's loss of Telugu films, the girl is going great guns in other regional fields. As she is cruising along with elegant offers, nothing seems stoppable for time being. The hard work and committed nature of Genelia is making fight masters of Kerala to fall in love with this bubbly beauty.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Neenu Na Anitha Attayay Dengichukunnam


Apparently, many producers who dreamt of roping this 'short' sized beauty are going for a second thought. At a recent function, Nitya looked much fatter than what she actually looked in her debut film. For Indian movies, it’s not just face that can do wonder, the structure and its curvy continuities plays a major role. A top producer told to media people over a cup of coffee that he is not interested in Nitya Menon anymore, for the kind of fatty she is growing. When contacted, Nitya didn't deny the fact that she is growing like a pumpkin, instead stated that a bit of fat is always required to lure Telugu people. Whether she just shines and falls out of the sky or remains there for a decent period needs to be seen!

Pandu - Oka Manchi Dnegudu gaadu

The most talked about girl of the season for her critically acclaimed performance is none other than Nitya Menon. The sexy Malayalam beauty debuted with super hit small budgeted flick 'Ala Modalaindi' in the direction of Nandini Reddy. Enchanted by her charm and sex appeal, Tollywood went gaga over the girl before many big shot producers pitched their net on her.

Ravi gadu Phone lo dengudu


Next day Payal was thrown out of the project and Dibakar never responded to her SMS or phone calls. "This must have happened to me before. But never from a friend like Dibakar. You can't f**k your buddy, if you are giving her a role," Payal cried before media minutes coming out from hospital.

Ravini Dengina Padma Lanja

064-oka-teacher-kadha-01-05Internal story is, Payal attended a screen test for Dibakar Benarjee's upcoming flick 'Shanghai' and she was selected. Later on their friendship went on to a different level as both shared their personal matters including director's failed marriage. Though Dibakar never misbehaved, one day after completion of a hectic day shoot he commented that Payal had put on extra weight these days. "I was puzzled. He then asked me to lift my shirt and show my stomach," says Payal who left the place immediately sensing the danger.

Neno pedda Gula Lanjani

063-gula-01-05Ayesha Takia, the right flesh in right places babe is being barred by her husband in re-entry to films. The pretty lass is known to Telugu audiences with sexy doctor role in 'Super', where romance with Nagarjuna was ultimately enjoyed. Apparently Ayesha ended profession with super hit Hindi film 'Wanted' besides Salman Khan and later on never got a success which made husband Farhan Azmi to forcefully pack her to Kuwait.

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Swargam ante nuvve Sarima

ma inti pakkana oka ammayi undedi peru sarima.,.thanani chusthunte alage chudalanipistundi...maa intlo sugar ayipoyindi ani sarima inti ki velli adigi tisukodamani velanu...aunty antu valla thalupu thattanu sarima lo na nunde amma ledhu urikellaru andii...suddenly nenu door tisi em ledu milk ayipoyayi milk extra unte istara antu thalupu nettukoni velthu adiganu anthalonee shockk..sarima appude lona snanam chesi tovel chuttukoni bayatakochindi ..nenu kallu alage petti thana andalu chusi alage niluchundi poya....

thanu nanu chusi siggu tho thala dinchukoni matladuthune amma ledhu uriki vellaru andi ...parledu meeru unnaru kada naaku milk kavali meeru fresh ayyi randi antuu nenu valla vantintloki velldhamani thanani kaatharu cheyakunda vellanu....(nenu vallatho free ga untamu iruguporugu varila undanu anduke )...sarima ni nettukuntu lonaku vellanu milk ekkadundo kanapadaledu adiganu akkade unnayii chudu andii....naaku avi kanapadakapothe nenu sarasari thana dress chesukuntunna room loki vellanu...anthalone sarima ni nagnam ga chusa thanu gadiya pettukoledu...

sarima appude thadisi undi paiga onti mida noolu pogu kuda ledu sarima ni ala chudagane nenu alage agipoyanu...sarima chinnaga navvindi...naakenduko naalo edho kampanam regindi...ventane sarima daggarikelli sarima ani melliga antu thana bujam mida cheyi vesa anthe thanu em analedu enti andi..thondaraga battalesko entii chinna pillavanukuntunnava ilaa show chesthunnavu annanu.......ventane thanu kopam thoo poraaa andii......sarima ala endhuku andho telidu...nenu light ga tisukunna kani enduko aa roju nundi sarima ni consuntrate chesthu vasthunna..thana andhalu chusinappati nundi nidra ledhu naaku....thana sexy puku ni edho oka roju naa chethi hto ruddalani thoughts naalo vachevii.....ila konni rojulu poyaka..sarimaa maa intikochindi amma vallu leru ani telisii.....

sarima enduku vachindo telidu but thanu naa pakkana kuchundii......neekoti adagali andii enti annanu..nuvvaraju nannu ala chusavu kada neeku em feeling kaaleda andii......ledu annanu...kani apatinundi edho cheyalani undi annanu thadabaduthu...em cheyalani undi andii...chepithe tidatavu nenu cheppanu annanu......em thittanu monna nuvvu chesina panike analedu ippudu enduku antanu andii........anthee aa matalu naaku green signal la anipinchindii....naalo oka manmadhudu nidra lechaduu.......lopala yaahooooo,hurrayy ani kekaluu....ala santhosham apukuntu bayapaduthu sarima ninnu okasari touch chesta annanu.....cheyu andhulo emundi anndi...sarima ni melli ga touch chesaa em anatledu light ga smile isthundi...nenu melliga thana nadum mida cheyi vesaa em analedu ...

nenu thana kallani gamanisthu thana salla vaipu naa cheyi tisukellanu thanu moham side chesindi ..thana ssallani melli ga press chesthu unna ..hey agu evaranna vastharuu..evaru leraa andii........evaru leruu amma vallu urikellaru annanu..ohh ok..andii...malli start chesaa sarima sallani melliga press chesaa...kastha gattiga ani andii...amma ani anukunna anthe gattiga press chesaaa.....mmm ani andii.....thana left sandu mida cheyii vesi thana nadum mida naa right hand vesii kiss ichaa.......pedhalanu kalipi gattiga korika..orey manduthundi andii....nenu aina vinakunda thana naa chethulani rendu salla mida petti gattiga pisukuthunte sarima muluguthundii....ahaaa em anipinchindi sallu ala dhudi pinjalla naa chethiki thakuthunte thanakela undo kani naaku mathram chilipi aatala undii........

sarima punjabhi huks melliga tisesa...sarima lona black bra vesukundii......bra mida nundi konchem sepu ala press chesthu unna sarima ummmm antu thappa em analedu....melliga maa bedroom vaipu adugulu vesamm.......bed mida sarima ni paduko betti naa shirt vippesaa......shirt vippi thana mida paduko thana sallani notilo pettukonii korukuthunte abbaaaa abbaaaa antu arichindi ....ala arupulo kuda edho mathuga undii.........thanu ala arusthunte naaku inka mood ekuvaindii........thana sallani pisukuthu notlo pettukuntu kasepu alage chesii...nemmadi ga thana boddu midaki vachaa thana boddu chuttu nakuthuu...thana drawyer ni naa pallatho vippanu...vippagane thana letha puku naaku darshanamichindi anthee thanani rendu thodalu vedalpu cheyamani cheppi thana rendu thodalu vedalpu chesaka thana puku lo naaluka petti kelikanu konchem sepu thana puk lo nundi edho rasam vachind sarima puku lo naluka petti antunte thanaki tension perigipoyii naa thala thana pooku side votthukundi......

inkaa cheyu raa bagundi ..inkasepu alage cheyu andii.......nenu apakunda thana puku ni nakuthunte thana puku lo velupeduthunte thana ki mood ekuvaindii inkaa lopaliki poo antu nannu bedirinchindi...nenu laabam ledu inkaa ani anukonii naa pant vippi naa drawyer vippi thana notlo petti kasepu naadi cheeku antu cheppi kasepu ayayaka thana puku lo naa modda kuchithee abbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ani okatee kekaaaaa anthee thana pukuuuu ubbipoyindii.......thanani ala munduku venakku chesthuntee thanakii nakaithe swargam kanipinchididii.........swargam ante ila untundaa ani anukunna.......sarimaa nuvvu chala andam ga unanvu antuu complement chesthuu denguthu untee thana pukuuuuu erraga ayindii.......thanu inkaa cheyu inka cheyu antuu nannu ala bediristhunte naaku swaragam kanipinchindii......

sarima ala kasepu dengaka naaku rasam kaarindi...thana puku lo ne vidichesaa...thana pirralanu vatthu thu denguthunte swargam kanipinchindi.....thana puku ni inko sari chudalani dengalani anipisthundi kaanii thananki pelli ayipoyindii........sarima laanti manchi figure kosam chusthunna.......sarimaaa sallu,puku gudda ivve naa kallalo tiruguthunayee.........sarima sallu 35 anukunta, puku chala neat ga.chinna hair tho sexy ga undi,chala bagunnayee........ilaa sarimatho sukapaddaa........thanaki pelli kakapothe bagundu roju kakapoyinaa monthly elago alaga fix chesevadini date...........

TeluguXXkathalu Reader Gautam Anubhavam

Hi readers ..ekkada telugu valla power sarigalevu .stories 1 or 2 matrame vsthunai ..chala days nunchi chadivuthunna ..telgu valla real life stories chaduvalani korika but ekkada anni stories ravadam ledu ..andhari anubhavalu chadivanu ga mari na anubhavam kuda rayali anukunnanu ..ok eka story lo ki vasthe peru gowtham .nenu rajamandry lo untunanu .nenu akkada chadukune vadini .nenu untunna house city lo unna rich people colony lo undhi eka adoka super home .dani pyna unna chinna room lo nenu rent ki nnanu .. Kinda owners unnaru .owner uncle singapore lo engineer aunty ki oka ammi kuda undhi aunty ,aunty kuthuru matrame entlo untaru uncle one year ki okasari ala vachi ala vellipotharu ..anduke a home ni nenu vadalaledu .aunty vallaki anni nene panulu chesevadini .andhuke aunty vallu nannu sontha manishila chusukone vallu . Ekapothe aunty name sujatha .aunty kuthuru name keerthi.thanu chaduvukuntundhi .aunty ki 40 years aunty kuthuru ki 18 years ..mogudu duram ga undadam valla sukhaniki entha narakam ga untundo aunty ki thelusu ..papam aunty chasthundi ..evritho nyna doola tiruchukovalante bhayam ..anduke aunty na meeda kannesindhi ..a day full rain paduthundhi ..keerthi college ki vellindhi nenu vellaledu ..aunty pilichindhi ..nenu vellanu ..gowtham breakfast chesava ani adigaru nenu cheyaledu ante ..ra kurcho tifen chey anaru nenu dinning table daggariki velli kurchunnanu .aunty tiffen pettaru ..thinananu ..aunty tiffen chala bagundhi ..ananu ..gowtham nenu gorintaku pettukuntanu nuvvu kastha a cloths washing meachine lo veseyava anaru ..alage ani nenu back side ki velli cloths tisukunnanu ..anni bras pantys nightys ..naku mathipothundi.enduko theliyadu body vediga ayipoyindi apudu chusanu ..bra size aunty di 38 kek ..panty chusanu ..panty jigata ga undhi ..naku koncham arthamyindi ..anni wash lo veses vachanu ..aunty .tansparent nighty lo unnaru ..naku modda lechindhi silent ga sofa lo kurchunanu .aunty gorintaku pettukunnaru .ala light veluthurulo chusanu nighty tappa lopala emi vesuknatlu ledu ..aunty enko sofa lo padukunaru ..nidrapothunaru anukunnanu ..nakemo body full hot ga undhi .nidralo aunty nighty mokalu pyki vachesindi modda daba daba ani kotteskntundi .a hodalu white ga nunnaga unnai .malli aunty lecharu hands wash chesukuni .gowtham nenu padukuntunanu ..edyna call vasthe lepu anaru .aunty bed room talupu therichi padukunaru nenu velli main door lock chesi vachanu .

Bhyata rain chala heavy ga paduthundi .sare eka agaleka oka 20 min taruwatha aunty bed room vypu nadichanu .nidralo aunty nighty pyki vachesthundhi ..door tisi aunty ki eduruga velli nilchukunna .aunty hand pooku meeda ruddukunundi ..sudden ga aunty lechesaru ..naku heart aginatlundi ..anhe unna palam ga unty na daggara kochi ..musugulo guddulata enduku gowtham ..gowtham me uncle leka sukham leka chasthunna na korika tirchu gowtham neku anni nene chusukunta .nuvvu ayithe evariki anumanam radu pls e help chey gowtham ani adukuntundi .naku kallu chethulu adadam ledu .aunty adukuntune nnaru .gowtham nuvvu nakosame puttavu ra ,,pls ra antu nannu gattiga kougalinchukunnaru ..38 inches sannulu ..haaaaabbbaa eka nenu apukolenu vachina avakasanni vadulukolenu anthe aunty ni bed meeda padesi eddaram battalu vippesamu ..nenu aunty ni sariram antha nakesthunanu.aunty haaaa baaaaaaaa humm antu muluguthundi ..puku ni na pallatho korki koriki nakesariki aunty arupulu ekkuvaga unnai ..rey na gowtham ra ra eka dengura antu aunty pilusthundi eka anthe modda ni puku lopaliki durchi daba daba ani strong denguthunanu .aunty ki ananmdham pongukochesindi ..chala day taruwatha puku lo modda padesariki aunty ra ra na moguda .enka dengu ra balam ga antu kekalu peduthundu .unatlundi aunty ki bhuthulu vachesthunai.nakemo 22 Aunty ki 40 age ...ayin a gani sujatha aunty 25 age lo unna ammail untundi ..gatti sariram 38-32-34..manchi structure..aunty ni chusthe e magadikyna madda levali ..entha sex body ni vadili uncle akkada em pikuthundo naku artham kaledu ..aunty na meeda padukuni nannu denguthundi ..sannulu ugipothunai .vatini nenu eshtam vachinatlu pisukuthunte aunty kekalu peduthundi ...rey gowtham eka madda nu gudda lo dimpu ra gudda gula teerchu ani andi ventane guddalo petti denganu baam ga raja em denguthunav ra ..nenu enni day waste chesknnanu ra raja ..antu aunty ededo matladuthundi ..appatinunchi aunty ni daily dengevadini ..naku kavalsinatha money kuda aunty echvaru ..oka day na manasu keerthi pyna padindi ..keerthi ni kuda dengali anukunna ..anduku aunty ni elagan padagottali anukunna aunty help lekuda keerthi ni takada kashtam .anduke aunty ni na madda ku baga alavatu padela chesyasaganu ..eppudu aunty ki na madda padaka pothe eka nidra radu ala undhi ..natho lechipodam ani kuda chala sarlu anindi aunty ..roju daily ac lo chllaga vechaga auntuy ni debgesariki aunty puku erraga vachindi .ayina daily dengichukuntundi .ellantha battalulekuda tirigevallam .na rasam ni aunty oka chukkakuda migala knda taguthundi maddani chikesthundi year ga ela ne jaruguthundi .next month uncle vasthunaru ..elopu keerthi ni chegikknchukovali .aunty uncle tho busy ga unnapudu ..mari naku puku kavali daniki correct puku keerthi de .. Emdya keerthi sizjulu kda baga perigayi ....naku keerthi puku dakkalani korukondi ..dani puku dorikithe a viseshalu malli rasthanu .

TeluguXXkathalu reader Reena Anubhavam

na peru reena:nenu secunderabad station lo ticket kosam line lo nilabaddanu,oka peddayana vachi please naaku vijayawada tiyyara ani adigaadu.peddaya kada ani teesanu.kaani tickets 2kalipi ichadu.inka chesedi emundi iddaram general bogee ekkamu.morning ani emo memu iddarame unnamu.iddaram opposite lo kurchunnamu.train move peru adigadu cheppaanu.naaku first time ila single ga velladam.edo fun cheyyalani pinchindi.asale mana bayalu baga peddavi.handi piaki ettite blouse paiki lechi bantulu bayatiki vachestayi.peddayana peru madhan anta.atani gurunchi cheppaadu,wife ledanta.naaku chala jaali vesindi.madhan ni recha gotti na puku ni samarpincukovali.nenu padukunnanu.gaali ki na paita kindaki gaari na blouse lo nundi na bayalu clear ga kanapadatunnayi.koncham sepatiki na blouse meeda raapidi modalayyindi.teera chuste madhan.please naanu apavaddu annadu,nenu addu cheppaledu.okate paamudu blouse teesesaadu,oka bayani notlo pettukuni cheekutunnadu,2nd daani pisukutunnandu.aa pisukudiki na puku lo okate godava.madhana kinda daani sngati chudu annanu.kindaki velli na puku lo naaliki petti aadistunnadu.abba .......,aahhhhhhhaaa.....,orey modda ni pettu annanu.sullani gunapam dimpinattu dimpaadu.abbbaaa ammmmaaaa ooooaaaaaaa.ala cheyyi nuvvu nee pellaaani ee modda to champesi untavu annanu.baaga peddadi.chala tight ga velutundi.okkokka debbaki swragam kanapadutundi.aa coach doors vesi vachi na dress remove chesi.dengude dengudu.vijayawada daaka naa puku ni pachadi chesadu.adress ichadu next sunday velutunnanu.enjoy chesaka aa madhuram kuuda cheputaanu.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TeluguXXkathalu Reader Spandana Tholi Anubhavam
Hi this is spandana……nenu andangane untanani anukuntunna…….like not bad annamata. abbayilu nannu chudataniki takadaniki naa tho maataladadaaniki chastuntaru. naku sex korikalu chala chala ekkuva. maadi mancheriyal nenu jangaon lo chaduvutunnanu.

e story na first year lo di. ma parents ki ne nokkadaanine santanam. ma daddy business maku pedda cloth shop undi. naku 13,14 years age nunde sex meeda picchi korika. appati nunde pukulo vellu pettukunedanni. oka sari anukokunda maa mummy daddy dengicchukuntunnappudu chusanu. adi kuda madyahanam 1.30pm nenu aa rozu school nundi tondaraga vocchanu. aa story taruvata cheputanu. ayite aa rozu nundi naa pukulo okate gula. maa inti daggare oka abbayi ki line vesa, appudu naa age 14 nenu 9th standard lo chaduvu tunde danni….naaku ippatiki a incident gyapakam undi….ganesh utsavalu jarugu tunnavi. nenu langa oni lo talaninda pulu pettukoni mummy tho ganesh madamp loki vella. akkada aa abbayi ni chusa. nannu chudagane saiga chesi rammanadu.

nenu mummy undani saiga chesi taruvatha ani signal iccha. then mummy tho kalisi puja aina taruvata bayataki vachamu. nenu mummy tho, ‘mummy nuvvu intiki vellu nenu kamala (na classmate) valla intiki velli taruvata vasta nannanu. mummy ok, tondaraga ra ani inti vaipu vellindi. nenu naduchu kuntu konta duram vellagane aa abbayi naa daggaraku vocchadu. Iddaram konta duram vellaka ikkade wait cheyyi five minutes lo vasta nani velladu. nenu road pai nilabadi unnanu. dim street lights veluturu, nannevaraina gurthu padatharo nemo nanna bhayam tho chachi potunna. ten minutes taruvatha vocchadu, pada ani nannu oka sandulo oka room vaddaku teesukelladu. evaridi e room ani adiga. naa friends, pakkane village varidi ikkada room teesukoni chaduvu kuntunnaru annadu. books, kinda rendu chapalu vati pai bedsheet antha penta la undi. dim bulb okati velugu tundi. nenu akkadi paristhitini artham chesukuntune vunna antholo nannu venakala nundi gattiga kougilinchu koni na meda pai muddulu pettadam start chesadu. nenu cooperate chestu moolugu thu athani cheti ni naa salla pai pettukogane vatini pisikesadu. noppi tho okkasari aricha….nemmadiga cheyi anagaane nannu alage kinda paduko bettadu. na blouse vippi naa sanlanu cheeka saagadu.

naakaithe edo mattu kammu kundi. eppudu naa battalanni teesesado teliya ledu iddaram nagnanga kougilinchu koni muddulu pettu kuntunnamu. naaku picchi mood vachesindi…nannu dengamani vadini naa paiki lagukunna. naa rendu kallu vidadisi naa puku pai modda petti durcha daaniki try chesadu kaani vella le. two three times try chesaka nene lechi vadi modda chetiloki teesukoni naa puku pai raastu lopaliki teesukodaniki try chesa. kaani kudurala. iddariki telidu ela dengu kovalo. nenu chemata tho poorthiga tadisi poya intalo evaro navvina chappudu vinipinchindi. chuste……atanu maa inti daggare unde abbayi, around 20 years untayanukunta……pillalaku dance nerpistuntadu. asalu sangati memu room loki vocchaka door lock cheyyala. atanu door moosi maa daggariki vocchadu. mee iddari saigalu nenu mandapam daggare chusa. follow avutu vocchanu. ani antune battalu vippasagadu. nenu tondaraga lechi naa battalu tesuko daniki kadila. ante nannu krindiki netti naa pai kurchunnadu. ore ala chair lo kurcho ela dengalo nenu nerpista chuchi nerchu ko anagane aa abbayi bhayam to chair lokurchunnadu. nenu atanini netta daaniki try chesa kaani vaadu naa rendu chetulu tana oka chethi tho pattukoni naa tala pai baaganiki nokkuthu naa paiki vocchi oka chethini naa puku pai raastu naa chinna chinna sanlanu cheeka saagadu. naaku malli edo lokam lo unnattu feeling. melliga naa chetulu vadilesi oka chetto naa sanlanu piskutu maro chetho naa puko loki oka velu petti poorthi ga doorchadu. taruvata melli melliga rendu fingers petti chethi tho dengadam modalu pettadu. ala five minutes chese sariki nenu kaarchesukunnanu. tanu naa rasalani melliga naa gudda lo ki petti oka finger naa gudda lo durchadu. picchi noppi ga unna bharistu moolga saaganu. atanu nannu tippi paduko betti naa veepu pai kisses ivvadam start chesadu. gudda lonundi matram velu teeyaledu; alage naa pai ki ekki nannu koddiga lepi krindi nundi chetulu ponistu naa rendu sandlanu pattukoni pisukutu naa ventrukalalo tana moham tho raastu tana moddani naa gudda kesi adama saagadu.

vedi vedi modda naa gudda pai raastunte naa moolugulu ekkuvai poyayi. nannu tana krinda poorthi ga nalapa saagadu. nenu naa rendu kallani vedelpu cheyyagaane, eh spandana gudda dengicchu kuntava annadu. nenu emi ana la. just na talani pai ketta gaane naa chempanu gattiga korikadu. voddu korakoddu ani ana gaane naa veepu pai nemmadi nemmadi ga koraka saagadu. naaku mattu ekkadam modalaindi….ore nannu denga ra ani nemmadiga annanu. anthe koddiga naa pai nundi lechi naa gudda ni rendu chetulato vidadeestu koncham ummi tho naa gudda pai raasi melliga moddanu naa gudda loki durcha saagadu. koddiga vellindi ante noppi tho okka sari leche prayatnam chesa. nannu alage krindiki netti naa pai vali poyadu. modda just one inch maatrame naa gudda loki vellindi. nenu voddu voddu gudda lo voddu antune unna vadu melli melliga netta saagadu. nannu gattiga vatesukoni naa noti pai cheyyi petti okka sari tana moddanu naa gudda loki durchesadu. mottam vadi modda naa gudda loki velli poyindi. naa pranalu poyayani anukunna. edustune unna kani vadu vodalala. moddani naa gudda lo alage unchi naa ventrukalatho aadu kunto naa sanlanu nemmadi nemmadiga pisaka saagadu. naaku telikundane 10 minutes lo neppi taggi poyindi nenu koncham na gudda nu pai ki ettanu ante….lanja noppi tagginda antu vugadam modalettadu. nannu koncham paiki lepi naa nadumu pattu koni dengadam modalettadu. poorthi ga tana modda bayataku teese oke saaari lopaliki durcha sagadu nenu naa nadumu uputho dengichu ko saaganu.konta sepatiki naa ventrukalu pattu koni laagutu naa gudda dengasaagadu..nenu teeyani noppi tho inka dengamani arva saaganu. lanja inta chinnappude inta kasi unte two three years taruvata enni moddalu tintavo antu kasi ga naa gudda nu dengi dengi alage naa pai padi poyadu. fifteen minutes taruvata chuste naa gudda lonundi vadi rasalatho patu raktam kuda raa saagindi.

vadu nannu lepi oka batta tho motham tudichesadu. naaku nadavadam kuda ravatledu. naaku battalu vesi naa tala kuda duvvadu. poolu chediri poyayi inti kelthe mummy ki telustundi annanu. tanu aa abbayini ganesh madapam daggariki velli poolu temmannadu. ten minutes lo vadu poolu techhadu. avi naa talalo petti ok na ippudu annadu. nenu ok inka veltanu anagaane…..spandana ee rozu nee paristhiti chusi nee puku denga kunda vodilestunna kaani repu maatram ninnu vodalane antu nannu malli gattiga kougilinchu kone naa pedalanu vidadeese tana nalikanu naa notlo pettadu ala ten minutes kisses icchu kunnamu. taruvata nannu alage pattukoni aa abbayi vanka chustu ore spandana naadi, inkeppudu spandana tho mataladavoddu anagaane…..alage anna antu vadu vellipoyadu. memu door daggari daaka raagane malli nannu venkala nundi gattiga kougilinchu koni oka chethi tho na sannu nu nokku thu oka chethi ni naa puku pai vesi raastu, spandu ninnu vodalalani lede ee ratri naa tho undi pove nee puku picchi picchi ga denguta please spandu antu naa meda pai muddulu petta sagadu. nenu melliga vidipinchu koni nenu ippudu nee daanne kada maro sari time dorkinappudu nuvvekkadiki rammante akkadiki vasta, taruvata nee ishtam, nanne maina chesuko ani cheppi intiki velli poya. malli eppudu ontariga bayataku vella ledu. vadu chaala try chesadu nannu dengadaniki kaani nenu lift evvaledu. taruvata inkevarini try cheyyale. bhayam tho kaavocchu. Na inter ayipoyindi. maa daddy tho engineering chestanu annanu. ok annaru. kaani mancheriyal lo cheyyanu inkekkadanna parvaledu annanu. endu kante naaku freedom kavali. maa town lo adi kuduradu kada. so nenu jangaon cheranu.
now real story ante na sex episode annamaata….

hostel lo ragging anta peddaga jaragaledu. first day college ku vella. introductions tho rozu gadichi poyindi. inta mandi smart abbayilanu oke sari chudamdam tho picchekkindi…..sure ga evaro okari girl friend avuthanane aasha perigindi. night bathroom lo vellatho sari pettukunna. ala ala one week gadichindi. chala mandi abbayilu nannu parichayam chesukunnaru. kaani na boy friend ga evarini select chesukoleka poya. one month,……appudu oka abbayi tho koncham close ayyanu. atani peru venkat. venkat 6 feet untadu manchi exercise body.ayyo cheppaledu kadu nenu 5 feet 4 inches, appudu 18 years…… body slim ga untundi. oka rozu nenu lunch time lo hostel ku vellaledu. mood baga leka class lone kurchunna. appude venkat corridor nundi veltu nannu chusi naa daggariki vochhadu. eh spandu entra lunch ku vellaleda annadu. naaku mood ledani cheppanu. so he asked me to join his lunch box. vekat valladi hyderabad. daily lunch box techukuntadu. nenu sare ani iddaram lunch chesamu. then venkat valla family gurinchi nenu na family gurinchi chala mataladukunnamu. naaku venkat ante ishtam ga undedi. after that memu chala close friends ayyamu. enta close ante every night two three o’clock varaku mobile lo mataladukune vallam.

oka rozu lunch hour lo venkat ni ma class room loki rammani message pampa. aa rozu full mood lo vunnanu. venkat raagane……door back side ku lagi oke oka question adiga…….do you love me venkat ani……..inkenti, nannu gattiga kougilinchu koni na mokamanta kisses istu i love you spandu i love you antunte nenu heaven lo unna feeling vachindi. aa roju nundi friends nundi lovers stage loki vacchamu. from that day every lunch time lo ekkado oka daggara iddaram kalusukovadam; venkat naa boobs nu pindi pindi cheyyadam naa puku pai na churidar pai nunde nokkadam chese vadu. na shariram lo okka bagam kuda vodala kunda nokke vadu. oka rozu iddaram college bunk kotti morning show ki vellamu. theatre lo janalu anta ga leru. film start ayina 5 minutes ke venkat na churidar paiki lepi na bra pai nunde na sanlanu pisakadam start chesadu. naakaite mati potundi. mellega nene na bra paiki lepi na oka sannuni venkat notlo petta nu. appudu cheekadam modalu pettadu intervel varaku naa rendu sanlanu pindi pisiki nattu pisiki pisiki cheeki cheeki vadiladu. naa panty motham tadichi poyindi. intervel taruvata malli vacchi kurchunnamu. lights off kagane nannu lepi venkat rendu seatla madyalo tana rendu kallu vedelpu chesi nannu kurcho bettadu. taruvata tana pant zip lagi tana moddanu bayatiki teesadu. okka sari na vollanta zaladarinchindi. anta pedda modda naa jeevatam lo chudala. na cheyyi tiskuni tana modda pai pettadu. nenu danni pattukoni really bhayam bhayamga venkat vanka chusa. tanu navvutu entra ala ayi poyavu. cheeku.icecream la na modda notlo pettukoni cheeku. chaala baguntundi taruvata taruvata nuvve kavalani cheeku taavu. noru teruvave annadu. nenu edo lokam lo unnattu noru terichi venkat modda nu naa notlo pettukoni cheekadam modalu pettanu. uppa uppa ga undi kani naa notlo pettuko gaane adi inka inka peddaga avutundi. venkat na tala pai cheyyi petti na talanu tana modda pai ki lagu tunnadu. nenu melli melliga cheekadam tho venkat tane tana cheti tho na tala pattukoni speed ga kadaladam modalu pettadu.

10 minutes lo naaku cheekadam technic telisi poyindi. inka venkat pranalu teesesa/ melli melliga venkat moddanu na gontu varaku notlo pettukoni slow ga chapparistu bayataku teestunte venkat ni chudali…….naa hair nu gattiga pattukoni naa mokaanni tana modda kesi nokku kuntunnadu. ala 30 minutes cheeka venkat tana mottam naa notlo karchesadu. naa duppata tho naa noru tuduchu koni nenu seat lo kurchunna. venkat malli na sanlu nokku tu spandu, chachhi potunnane, nuvvu naaku kaavali ninnu dengali…..em cheppu dengicchu kundama annadu.

naaku ade ga kavalisindi. ok annanu, kaani ekkada? tanu arrange chesta nani cheppadu. inkenti aa rozu nundi night anta mobile lo phone sex. lunch hour lo edo class room lo rozu naa tho modda cheekinchu kone vadu. naa puku naake vadu naa sanlanu kasi kasi ga nalipese vadu. nee naite venkat ante picchi daani ayipoya.

ela ekkada dengicchu konnamo next episode lo……….dare ga na college peru raasanu…..chuddam evaraina abbayi or ammayi nannu gurthu padithe abbayayithe oka chance ista naa back dengadaniki endukante nenu sincere ga na puku only venkat ke ankitam chesa……ammayayithe tana puku naaku ta….come on best of luck

Koothuru Sukam Kosam

Surender Reddy is going to direct a film soon for Yellow Flowers banner. Ramesh Puppala who produced Sankranthi blockbuster Mirapakai with Ravi Teja as hero will produce this film. A big youth hero will play male lead in this film. RR Moviemakers will present this film.

Chellelu Swarnani Dengina Anna

Music of Pawan Kalyan’s latest movie Teen Maar will be launched in grand style amidst the fanfare of fans. The unit is currently shooting abroad. This film features Trisha and Kriti Kharbanda in the female leads. Jayant C Paranji directs this movie which is the remake of Bollywood flick Love Aaj Kal.

Arjun ni Dengina Manju Aunty

Sanjjanaa (bujjigadu fame) is currently acting in Posani Krishna Murali’s Dussasana film. There is a rumor that she has acted topless in one of the scenes of the film. Sanjjanaa clarified that there is such a scene in the movie, but she wore a double layered top in which the bottom layer is of skin color. The bust part was blurred on the screen to get real effect. As the title suggests Dussasana's mythological figure is known for pulling away the saree of draupadi. A similar scene is shot in this movie with Sanjjanaa. Since the scene was of aggressive and violent nature, a plastic bust made of Sanjjanaa’s size was also used. Sanjjanaa clarified to the media that she would never do vulgar and cheap roles. The above discussed scene didn’t involve any rape, vulgarity, molestation and cheapness.

Ammanu Dengina Sunil

167-paala-ponguluSumanth who is known as a gentleman both on on-screen and off-screen is going to change his image with his 18 March release ‘Raaj’. It is reliably learnt that Sumanth has lip-to-lip smooching scenes with both the actresses Priyamani and Vimala Raman. Both these girls proved themselves as good actresses in the past and they do also carry the sex symbol tag with by wearing raunchy costumes in the past. We have to wait and see to what extent these heroines romanced with Sumanth on the screen when this film hits theaters on 18 March.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Laliltha Langalo Lolli

112-langaloMany working professionals who want to upgrade their qualifications also enroll for various PG Courses through distance education as this offers them the flexibility to study and work simultaneously.

Daddy to Dengichukunna


Besides these traditional and professional courses, IGNOU and some other distance learning institutes in India are offering some specialized certificate correspondence courses. The Certificate in Youth Development offered by Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU) can be cited in this context.

Akkanu Pandabetti Dengina Tammudu 1

105-supar-akka-02Distance learning in Indian states serves a very important cause in India as they allow individuals from the remotest corner of the country to pursue higher education in a course of their choice. In addition to the central open universities, there are distance education institutes in most of the Indian states. Without these state distance learning institutes, the percentage of people pursuing higher education would have been much lower than the existing rate in India. The number of distance learning Institutes and the courses that they offer differ from state to state. Go through this article to know about the Distance learning in Indian states.

Akkanu Pandabetti Dengina Tammudu 2

105-supar-akka-02The courses offered at distance learning Institutes in India may vary from state to state. Over thousands of students enroll for admissions to the various distance learning courses in various Indian states.

Indira Gandhi National Open University, the leading distance learning institute located in New Delhi offers Bachelor, Masters as well as doctoral degree courses in a number of disciplines such as Arts, Education, Commerce, Science, Business Management and Library & Information Science among others. Students can also pursue Advanced Diploma, Diploma, PG Diploma and Certificate courses at various institutes offering distance learning in Indian states.

Chelleli to Dengudu Oppandam

104-cellelitoa-oppandam-01-02At present the choice of PG Courses through Distance Education are plenty and students have the option of selecting either degree or diploma courses. Among the most popular PG degree courses through distance learning is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). Other Post Graduate degree programs include M.A (History, Sociology, Political Science, Social Science, Philosophy, and Psychology); M.Sc, M.Com and several others

Anjali Teacher ni Lab lo Dengina Ravi

103-anubhavam-01-06Most states in India have Open Universities that offer PG Courses through Distance Education. Among them the Indira Gandhi National Open University is the leading center for distance learning in the country. There are IGNOU study centers in almost every state in India. In addition to these, there are several renowned universities having a department for distance learning. Some of the top universities offering Courses through Distance Education mode include the following:

Talli KOdukula True Story 1

101-true-story-02Thus the availability of the distance learning courses from abroad has helped a lot of people in the developing countries to fulfill their educational ambitions.

Moreover the system of International Distance Education has also made it possible to pursue a course that is not available in the country where he or she is residing.

Thus the choice of the learner's have increased significantly because of these distance learning courses from abroad.

Talli KOdukula True Story 2

101-true-story-02Distance learning abroad has become an excellent alternative to formal education for those who want to pursue higher education from a foreign University, but unable to go there for various reasons. The whole process of acquiring a degree from a foreign University has thus become less tedious because of these abroad distance learning courses. For those who require to travel a lot, distance education from abroad has made it possible for them to continue their studies. Another advantage of International Distance Education is that it has made available quality education to all at much lower cost. Accessing quality education by being physically present in the class would have not been possible for many because of the expenses involved.

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